This is a preliminary experiment in orchestration and the sonification of musical structure. Scores were orchestrated with the following simple algorithm: Start with an unorchestrated score and a set of 15 sounds chosen at random ( — for now we use general midi, before moving to a much larger set of articulate samples). (For each […]

Suppose we have sequence of pitches (or of durations, loudnesses, or any other “oriented” feature in which for any two elements x and y, either x is greater, y is greater, or they are equal). Chains are a way of taking a sequence apart into different “dimensions” so we can look at different aspects of […]

Z-chains can seem at first glance to bear some resemblance to Robert Morris’s Contour Reduction Algorithm [“New Directions in the Theory and Analysis of Musical Contour,” Music Theory Spectrum 15.2 (1993). JSTOR]. The true resemblance, if any, is slight. This article points out a few basic differences. 1. Z-chains are bottom-up; Morris is top-down. The […]

Given: A score specifying pitch and timing (only). A set of n sounds. Goal: Assign sounds to notes in the score so that the result “makes sense” or “sounds interesting.” A complete consideration of the problem would require an analysis of the sounds as well as the score. Which sounds are soft, which are percussive, […]